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Sevardi Cucina Logo and Images

Sevardi Cucina

1 / 12 Hannah St, Beecroft NSW 2119

For those of you who have never been to Beecroft, you will find it a pleasure to drive through the leafy suburb and then dine at Sevardi and enjoy the fine Italian cuisine.  The restaurant is small and intimate and the food delicately prepared.   Ideal for that special occasion.

The black and white prints on the walls are works of the photographer Roberto Sevardi in the late 1800’s.  Sevardi was established in 1997 and has earned a few rewards and has been chosen for awards of Excellency for the use of fresh products and ingredients.

Yummy Kitchens @ Beecroft

103-105 Beecroft Rd, Beecroft NSW 2119

 The unique concept of Yummy Kitchens restaurant aims to bring forth a mixture of traditional Asian cuisine with the right balance of western style cooking. With extensive enthusiasm and dedication to the catering industry, inspired by various Chinese restaurants and well-known western club houses, Yummy Kitchens will bring to you the finest cooking of different cultural styles. Unlike other Chinese restaurants, Yummy Kitchens are famous for using only the freshest ingredients, allowing our experienced chefs to create its special Asian style dishes, which are low fat and with no added MSG!

As we deliver to you our exquisite Asian cuisine, you will be accompanied by friendly staffs and a wonderfully designed dinning atmosphere. We are confident that you will always enjoy your dining experiences with us, in any occasions at any time. Finally, we are open to your suggestions, valuing them with great compliments, in striving to transform your ideas into practice, in order to improve an even better experience for you the next time you visit us