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Boorhaman Hotel

entertainment | Boorhaman VIC 3678

03 5726 9215
1570 Boorhaman Rd, Boorhaman VIC 3678

Complementing this unique buffalo boutique brewery, and adding to the many diverse options, is a true, original style country pub dining room for summer, fully air-conditioned, and those cold winter nights a lovely big wood fire. The dining room had an entry in the Age Good Food Guide FO 2001. A very comprehensive wine list of the renowned vineyards of the Milawa and Rutherglen vignerons. The dining room is a very popular venue for locals and also interstate tourist coaches.
Adorning the walls is a very comprehensive arrangement of historical memorabilia, Particularly about the Kelly Gang, and Steve Hart, who's friend has an association with the Buffalo Beer Brewery, her name being Lily Arabella Cherry, The Registered Trademark Of The Brewery.
The dining room helped the complex achieve the award of the best Country Pub in Victoria without gaming for the year 2001/02 as voted by The Australian Hotels Association.

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